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A director is responsible for molding human feelings. As the story unfolds, he pulls emotional strings one cut at a time, until his artwork completes itself at the end credits. Every film is a masterpiece in its own right regardless of our views, simply because it conveyed human emotions. After all, Cinema is a staged moment of life. Its integrity lies not in bringing street life to spectators but taking viewers on a journey. As explorers of the human mind, we feel, interact and react until we are fully absorbed by the magic of the big screen. We all become actors of our own lives.

I love what I do. I do it with passion. I do it to feel free..

I do it to express myself. Whether it’s cutting a film, choosing a location or brainstorming a TVC concept, bridging the gap between ideas and the screen is a fascinating artistry. As an editor it’s the pace and momentum. As a producer it’s meeting budgets and deadlines. As a director it’s bringing it all to life.

It is everyone’s responsibility to communicate. Life is a giant canvas and every one of us chooses his/her own tool. Whether it’s public speaking, news editing, music, painting, dance, singing, blogs, designs or buildings, communicating our innate beliefs and feelings has been shaping civilizations since the dawn of humanity.

By communicating we are changing the world one step at a time. It is not by chance that Media in many developed countries is considered a 4th power. By being genuine in what we do, by channeling our skills and being passionate about it, we are ultimately contributing to making this world a better place.

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